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The Reverie Cocktail

Courtesy Chazz Madrigal, beverage director, Lafitte’s at The Waiting Room, Portland, OR


Salmiakki Dala

Produced in Iceland, this liqueur channels the mouthwatering flavor of salmiakki, a salty black licorice candy with a bitter finish. It’s made with 10 botanicals, including licorice root, saffron, anise and chicory. Salmiakki-flavored liqueurs are popular throughout Scandinavia (some people infuse aquavit or vodka with a few pieces of candy), but they’re not often seen in the U.S. This version of Salmiakki Dala was formulated by the folks behind Bittermens bitters, and it’s marketed as a “Scandinavian fernet.”

The Cocktail

In addition to the pungency of Salmiakki­ Dala, the other secret ingredient here is a wine-infused salt made by Oregon producer Jacobsen Salt Co. in collaboration with Willamette Valley’s Grochau Cellars. The salt can be purchased online, but you can also substitute unflavored salt.


1½ ounces Tennessee whiskey
1 ounce sweet vermouth
¼ ounce Salmiakki Dala
1 teaspoon Benedictine
¹/₈ teaspoon Pinot Noir salt
Brandied cherry, for garnish


In a mixing glass, stir together all ingredients except garnish with ice. Strain into a rocks glass over a large ice cube. Garnish with brandied cherry speared on a pick.

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