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The Classic Kir Cocktail

Courtesy William Elliott, bar director, Maison Premiere, New York City

Despite its simple recipe, the Kir cocktail’s roots are highly debated. The drink gets its name from Félix Kir, who in the early 20th century was mayor of Dijon, France. Some believe Kir offered the cocktail to foreign visitors, who brought the recipe back home. Others believe the drink was created in response to red Burgundy being confiscated during World War II. It’s traditionally made with Aligoté, the “other” Burgundian white variety that isn’t Chardonnay, but any leftover dry white wine will do.


4½ ounces Aligoté (or other dry white wine)
¾ ounce Crème de Cassis


In wine glass, add Crème de Cassis to chilled Aligoté. Swirl to mix.