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Ham Stuffed with Prunes and Apples

Courtesy Angel Cardona, chef at Coast Guard House RestaurantNarragansett, RI 

Chef Angel Cardona at Coast Guard House Restaurant, a seafront landmark in Narragansett, Rhode Island, serves this sort of hearty winter fare family-style. See a butcher to get a fresh ham, not the brined, spiral cut or “city” ham variety. If you’re having trouble finding it, pork shoulder makes a better substitute than any sort of cured ham. 


1 fresh ham, 7-8 pounds, deboned
1 tablespoon plus 1 teaspoon fine sea salt
1 tablespoon fresh-ground pepper
20 pitted prunes, chopped
1 medium onion, medium diced
3 medium apples, peeled and medium diced
¼ cup applesauce
1¼ cups chicken stock
1 cup cherry preserves
½ cup apple juice
1/3 cup tawny Port


Heat oven to 325˚F.   

Cut deep pocket in center of ham. Season with 1 tablespoon salt and pepper inside and out.   

In large bowl, combine prunes, onion, apples and applesauce.

Stuff into ham. Close ham around stuffing by overlapping edges and securing with cooking twine. Score fat with sharp knife and place ham fat side up in shallow roasting pan. Pour chicken stock over top. 

Roast approximately 4 hours, basting often, until an internal temperature of 145˚F is reached. When cooked, transfer ham to dish and keep warm.  

Strain off and discard fat from pan juices. Transfer pan juices to small sauté pan. Place over burner on high heat, and bring to boil for about 5 minutes. Reduce heat and add cherry preserves, apple juice, Port and remaining 1 teaspoon salt. Simmer for 15 minutes.   

Slice ham and arrange on serving platter. Pour hot sauce over ham slices. Serves 8–12.   

Pair It

Elisa Wybraniec, wine director at Coast Guard House, pairs this classic sweet and salty holiday dish with Taylor Fladgate’s 20 Year Old Tawny Port 

“The Port provides a backdrop of fresh and dried fruit flavors and lingering spice along with a richness that will stand up to the bold flavors of this celebratory meal,” she says. 

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