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Big batch mimosa cocktails

Big Batch Mimosa with a Beachy Kick

Courtesy Matt Sieve, general manager and partner, Madison on Park, San Diego

Cocktail Inspiration: Algae

The blue-green hue is an eye-catcher, but algae is also touted by many as an immune-boosting superfood. The flavor has been described as a bit funky, with a seaweed-like note, though fruit juices can help tone it down.

Simplify It

Use sparkling water instead of bubbly for a nonalcoholic sipper.

At San Diego’s Madison on Park, Partner and General Manager Matt Sieve makes his “Blue Dream” mix, centered around Blue Majik powder, in bulk for Sunday brunch, where it’s served with sparkling wine. Alkaline water isn’t a necessity, he says, but it balances out the acidity in the lemonade.

Blue Dream Mimosa 


4 cups cold-pressed lemonade
½ tablespoon Blue Majik
1 2-inch piece ginger, unpeeled 
2 cups alkaline water 
2 750-ml bottles sparkling wine


Combine first four ingredients in blender and blend on low for 1 minute. Strain through fine-mesh strainer. Fill Champagne flute or small wine glass ¾ full with sparkling wine. Top with Blue Majik mixture. Makes 10 drinks.

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