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What is Vermentino

A light-skinned white grape, Rolle is also commonly known as Vermentino. Technically, Rolle is the term used to describe this grape as used in Provence, Nice and, increasingly, Languedoc-Roussillon, which is now home to numerous plantings.

Bright green and conical on the vine, Rolle grapes are shaded by large green leaves. The most successful expressions of the grape grow in vineyards that face the water, where grapes benefit from reflecting light. It thrives in warmer climates, and also in stony and mineral-rich soils.

On the palate, Rolle yields a crisp, mineral wine that often presents notes of citrus on the palate. Other common flavor notes include green apple, limestone and flint. The grape produces high acid, light- and medium-bodied wines that are often well suited for pairings with seafood and other light types of cuisine.

Vermentino Regions

It is planted throughout the Italian island of Sardinia, where it has been grown since sometime around the 14th century. In the province’s north, the Vermentino di Gallura and Vermertino do Gallura Superiore DOCGs are home to some of the most important and well-known expression of this grape variety.

The grape is also used to produce sweet and sparkling wines in Sardinia as well as dry white wines from Liguria and Tuscany.

In addition to Italy and Southern France, Rolle is grown on the French island of Corscia, particularly in Patrimonio. It is also grown in several appellations of California as well as in parts of Southern Oregon.

Vermentino Synonyms

Agostenga, Agostenga Blanc, Brustiano, Brustiano di Corsica, Carbes, Carbesso, Favorita, Favorita Bianca, Favorita Bianca di Conegliano, Favorita d’Alba, Favorita di Alba, Favorita di Conegliano, Formentino, Fourmentin, Garbesso, Grosse Clarette, Malvasia a Bonifacio, Malvasia Grossa, Malvasie, Malvoisie, Malvoisie è Gros Grains, Malvoisie Corse, Malvoisie de Corse, Malvoisie Précoce d’Espagne, Piccabon, Piga, Pigato, Rolle, Rossese, Sibirkovski, Uva Sapaiola, Uva Vermentino, Valentin, Varlentin, Varresana Bianca, Vennentino, Verlantin, Vermentini, Vermentino Bianco, Vermentino Pigato, Vermentinu

Vermentino grapes are found in rose, sparkling, white, and dessert wines.

Structural Characteristics

Low Medium High
Alcohol levels
Low Medium High
Low Medium High
Tannin Structure
Low Medium High

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Handling Tips

45-55°F / 7-13°C
1-5 years