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What is Godello

Godello has found its home in the Northwest Spanish region of Galicia, particularly in the Valdeorras DO. The lay of the land and influence of the Atlantic Ocean make this a perfect area for white varietals to flourish, producing fresh and intriguing wines, according to our Godello Wine Ratings. The granite, clay and slate ridden soils in conjunction with the maritime climate yield zesty, fresh wines with plenty of green apple, melon, mineral and lemon flavors. The varietal also has many other names, including Goveio, Verdello, Godella and Trincadente. Our Godello Wine Reviews allude to the recent modernization and restructuring of the Valdeorras DO, which has led to many of the single vineyard Godello wines attaining high accolades.

Godello grapes are found in white wines.

Examples of Godello to Try