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Who’d have thought The Secret Garden would be discovered in Lodi?

(Or, why sipping wine in a storybook setting is good for your soul.)

Right now, in the shadow of a Deodar cedar, amidst cool ferns and flowering shrubs, a dollop of sunlight is catching a glass of crisp Albariño, and a group of friends is toasting their good fortune. Finding yourself here, in what the family calls The Forest, is an experience with roots going all the way back to 1900, when a first-generation Lodi grape grower decided to plant a few shade trees. Four generations later, the setting around Harney Lane Winery is truly a sight to behold. And a place to linger and enjoy. But then, the same holds true at any of the over 85 wineries, spread over seven unique appellations —places like Klinker Brick, Jessie’s Grove, Michael David, Oak Farm, or Bokisch Vineyards, situated in Lodi’s rolling Clements Hills. Each different in its own unique way, and yet, all welcoming just the same. It’s what makes Lodi, Lodi. Friendly not stuffy; approachable not pretentious. In fact, the person sitting next to you in the tasting room is likely to be the grower or the winemaker. Have your questions ready.


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