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The History of Lodi

(In five hats.)


The crack of dawn, two hundred years ago: a farmer dons his hat, grabs a shovel, goes outside and digs himself a hole. And into that hole he plants a vine. A winegrape vine to be exact. The vine thrives so well and produces such excellent fruit that he plants more, as does the generation that comes next, and the one after, and the one after that. Until—well, here we are, five generations of growers later and Lodi winegrapes are considered to be some of the finest and most coveted in all of winemaking. That’s not to say every vine here can trace its roots back to early Lodi. Why, there’s a whole range of varieties—over 100 plus—from young ten- and twenty-year-old vines to thirty- and forty-year-old middle agers: Albariño from Spain, Barbera from Italy, Dornfelder from Germany, and from the south of France, Cinsault. All thriving in perfect conditions. One day to plant. Three years to produce. Five generations to perfect. Perhaps you’ve waited long enough to try the results, no?


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