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Corvo: A Sicilian Classic


Corvo is a Sicilian legend, a storied brand with noble roots. It was founded in 1824 by the worldly Giuseppe Alliata, Prince of Villafranca, Prince of the Sacred Roman Empire, Grandee of Spain, and Duke of Salaparuta, a connoisseur who aspired to create a delicate French-style wine very different from local production of that era. Working with grapes from his own estate in Casteldaccia, his innovations led to the first release properly bottled in Sicily, Corvo Bianco.

Two Centuries of Tradition

 With profound respect for nature and their raw materials, Giuseppe and his descendants worked for generations to bring out the most authentic expression of this land. They used their intimate knowledge of the region’s geography and microclimates to plant the most suitable grape varieties for each soil and climate, and applied innovations, some daring for their time, to let the fruit flourish with the least human intervention. By 1868, Corvo was producing 100,000 bottles a year, selling far beyond Sicily in the USA, South America, and Australia. Today, Corvo wines represent the bounty and beauty of Sicily and its winemaking potential. The quality and dedication coming from Corvo is unprecedented; a time-honored tradition that the brand is committed to passing on to each bottle.


“Over the last 35 years, wines of Sicily have evolved,” explains Roberto Magnisi, Winery Director of Corvo’s parent company the Duca di Salaparuta Group, “transforming from a simple accompaniment to a daily meal to an instrument of cultural growth.” Today this revered brand is shepherded by the Reina Family, whose deep local roots, international training, and willingness to experiment upholds its distinction. They ensure that the quality and authenticity of Corvo wines are intimately tied to the human factor, employing local people who know every nuance of every grape variety, to work the vineyards. An agronomist checks the fruit at each state of ripening, takes samples of both grapes and soil for laboratory analysis, and examines the leaves to be sure plants are assimilating crucial substances from the soil. Quality control is unsparing: On the rare occasion that grapes arriving at the winey do not meet the highest standards, they are rejected without appeal.

Over the last 35 years, wines of Sicily have evolved, transforming from a simple accompaniment to a daily meal to an instrument of cultural growth.

In the Cellar

Strict controls are carried out in every phase of the winemaking process. Each truck of grapes and each grape variety is de-stemmed and processed individually before blending and assembly, to let winemakers follow the evolution and performance of each territory and vine. Quality standards continue throughout the process right down to the corks.

In the Tasting Room

By the time Corvo wines reach the tasting room, guests are sipping releases steeped in Sicilian history and culture, every one preserving the character of its individual estate, enhanced by the selective use of futuristic technologies. “Corvo was and continues to be a pioneer of the ‘new Sicily’ of drinking,” declares Winery Director Magnisi. “Corvo represents the deep roots of vines that grow in Sicily as well as the potential of its terroir, which we seek to evolve with every new interpretation. The driving force of Corvo has always been to follow the road less traveled,” Magnisi maintains, “and to create a new path for Sicilian wines.” This marriage of tradition and innovation, winemakers with the vision to respect two centuries of experience while at the same time adapting to the evolving desires of wine lovers, has made Corvo a classic with a contemporary soul, and a symbol of Made in Italy.

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