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Centre-Loire: Quincy

Centre-Loire: Quincy

As the first region in the Centre-Loire to receive AOC status—and the second appellation created in all of France, after Châteauneuf-du-Pape—Quincy holds an important place in French winemaking history.

It’s believed that the ancient Roman tribe, Bituriges Cubi, cultivated vines in Quincy and even brought them to the area now known as Bordeaux. But beyond folklore, the appellation is well-documented as containing some of the oldest vineyards in all of Centre-Loire; writings dating back to 1120 mention the vines. In the 15th century, Quincy wines were given the title of “noble wines,” a nod to the quality that expressed itself even then. Although ravaged by phylloxera in the 1800s, a commitment to this historic and important region brought about a wave of new plantings. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Quincy once again reclaimed attention for its beautiful fruit and became an AOC in 1936.

BIVC Quincy
Photo Pierre Mérat

Sauvignon Blanc is the sole focus and Quincy continues to set the standard for white wines in the Centre-Loire. Various compositions of sand and gravel dominate the vineyards and an underlay of limestone and clay can be found in certain spots. Like neighboring Reuilly, Quincy is also regarded as one of the warmest and driest appellations in Centre-Loire; this climate helps ripen fruit and coaxes forth Sauvignon Blanc’s compelling fruit flavors. These elements provide a different expression of Sauvignon Blanc than found elsewhere in Centre-Loire: sweet citrus like grapefruit, acacia flowers, menthol and pepper jump out of the glass. But a lively freshness—the signature of Centre-Loire wines—persists with each sip.

Stretching over 820 acres by the banks of the Cher River, a small community of 48 growers produces these pure, expressive Quincy Sauvignon Blancs. These estates, many family-run, continue the winemaking traditions created by previous generations and honor the legacy Quincy created in Centre-Loire.

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