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Riedel Glassware

Riedel Glassware

Riedel glassware is world-renowned for its exceptional quality and innovative varietal-specific stemware. Founded in 1757, the family-owned brand has become a favorite for wine connoisseurs, professionals and consumers, producing fine crystal wine glass collections for every lifestyle and drinker.

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Riedel Glassware

A History of Innovation

Riedel has been producing wine glassware in the heart of Europe for 265 years and eleven generations. The family-owned and -operated brand was the first to recognize that the shape of a glass could enhance the tastes and aromas of wine. In 1956, the company pioneered varietal-specific stemware, extensively researching and testing the impact of the size and shape of a glass across all grape varietals to produce their revolutionary wine-friendly glassware.

Attentive Design

Riedel wine glasses are designed with exact ratios, ensuring that the size, height and width of each glass are in perfect harmony . Beyond their seamless proportions, Riedel stemware features finely-tuned bowls that vary in shape, size and rim diameters to enhance the bouquet, texture, taste and flavor of specific varietals—maximizing the enjoyment of wine.

Riedel Glassware
Riedel Glassware

State-of-the-Art Craftsmanship

Riedel continues to be a pioneer, blending traditional techniques with glassmaking innovations to produce fine crystal wine glasses with  precision, functionality, and beauty. Setting the standard for both handcrafted and machine-made glassware, Riedel elevates the drinking experience for everyone, from discerning oenophiles to the occasional wine drinker.