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Five Top Decanters for Different Décor Styles

With their penchant for dramatic flair and opulence, it’s easy to think of decanters as decorative, unnecessary or even frivolous bar additions. But their purpose—to separate wine from any solids or sediment that may have formed during aging as well as introduce oxygen into the wine, which releases compounds that impact aroma, flavor and texture—should not be overlooked. And their beauty needn’t overshadow that utility, either.

From classic diamond cuts to more modern and fluid shapes, there’s a perfect decanter for every taste and home décor style. Here’s a cheat sheet to five of our faves, from clean-cut to crazy contemporary.

For the Minimalist: Classic Decanter

Function trumps form here, as this minimal glass decanter serves all basic decanting needs for the right price. It’s a straightforward and practical piece that’s not at all precious, meaning you don’t need to fear passing it around to any and all of your guests, after a glass or three.

$30 Sur La Table

For the Modernist: Wine Enthusiast Art Series Treble Decanter

Immediately eye-catching, this music-inspired decanter has playful curves and soft, sweeping lines. The pour flow is almost as magnetic to watch, as the wine travels through the twists and turns of the treble and into your glass. It might be the most stylish, sophisticated and mesmerizing decanter you’ll find for under $100.

$99.95 Wine Enthusiast

For the Industrialist: Anna Karlin Handblown Decanter

Perfect for the glass-and-metal, industrial décor lover, this handblown glass decanter features a sleek, bulbous design and a heavy, round brass stopper atop, making it reminiscent of an upside-down light bulb. It’s subtle in construct and appearance, but once observed, it absolutely makes an impression.

$180 Food52

For the Traditionalist: Waterford Lismore Ships Decanter

This may initially come off as old-fashioned, but it’s classic for a reason. The elaborate diamond and wedge cutwork on this popular-pattered decanter, named for County Waterford’s 12th-century Lismore Castle, make it an absolute work of art. As beautiful and delicate as it may seem, this crystal decanter actually offers surprising weight and strength in feel, providing you the confidence to allow your guests to actually pour their own glasses from this masterpiece without fear of disaster.

$495 Bloomingdale's