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Eight of the Best Wine, Food or Drink Gifts We Have Ever Received

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The best gift for someone who loves food and drinks might not be the most obvious. From carefully sourced, everyday ingredients to cutting-edge kitchen tools, gourmet gifts run the gamut.

Here, eight members of the Wine Enthusiast team share their most memorable wine, food or drink gift.

1. For the Person Who Needs Wine: Cantina Zaccagnini 2018 Dal Tralcetto Dry Rosé (Cerasuolo d’Abruzzo); $18, 91 points. 

The best wine gift I ever received would have to be the Abruzzo rosé my friend brought from this past Thanksgiving. She knows I drink rosé with everything, so she brought a few of the regulars along with a new one for us to try, the Zaccagnini Rosé Dal Tralcetto. It’s a delicious Italian dry rosé wine made from a tasty blend of Montepulciano and Sangiovese grapes. This was my first time trying and I must say it’s now become part of my rosé lineup thanks to its bright, fresh white blossom and herbal aromas and mouthwatering red berry flavors that paired well with the meal. –Jaime Brown, Digital Editorial Assistant   


2. For the Non-Alcoholic Drink Fan: Better Rhodes Non-Alcoholic Holiday Table Essentials Kit


$99.99 Better Rhodes

3. For the Game Night Fan: Glassware and Wine Wars

As a well-known wino, my favorite gifts often center around wine-related things, namely glassware. Proper glassware is essential for enhancing a tasting experience, and for perceiving every single note of the wine’s flavor. I’m lucky to have great friends who know my preferences, and I have been gifted Zalto Universals, Grassl and Philippe Jamesse Champagne glasses in fairly recent years. And I use all of them often.

But another one of my favorite gifts came from my fabulous mom about eight or so years ago, and it’s a trivia game called Wine Wars. It’s so fun, and it really helps with learning and retaining knowledge. A glass of wine while sitting down to play Wine Wars sounds like the perfect holiday evening in my book. —J’nai Gaither, Assistant Digital Editor

$ Varies Amazon

4. For the Certified Salt Snob: Nordur Salt

I think I may have gained the reputation of something of a salt snob, as I have received fancy-pants salt gifts more than once. Most recently, a friend who moved to the U.S. from Iceland gave me a gorgeous, embossed tin of Nordur Salt from the Arctic Sea. I have also received beautiful pink Murray River salt flakes from Australia, harvested to mitigate salination. Its color and texture make it a snob-worthy finishing flourish!—Julia Lea, Digital Creative Director

$15.99 Amazon

5. For the Coffee Fanatic: Yabano Espresso Machine

As someone who grew up in Massachusetts, whenever asked, ‘do you want Dunkin,’ my answer had always been a resounding ‘Yes!’ Until my boyfriend bought me the Yabano espresso machine. I had never owned an espresso machine before, but its design is so intuitive that I didn’t even need to read the directions to get started. It’s a breeze to clean and makes such delicious iced and hot beverages that it has replaced my weekend Dunkin runs—which I never thought would happen. —Kristen Richard, Digital Editor

$179.99 Amazon

6. For the Pasta Fan: Marcato Atlas 150 Classic Pasta Maker

At the culinary school I attended, we spent only two weeks on Italian cuisine. But that’s all it took for me to fall in love with making pasta. My partner kindly gifted me a pasta maker soon thereafter, and I love to break it out for dinner parties or weekday evenings when I’m eager to do something with my hands after looking at screens all day. The ravioli stamps can be fun with kids, too! Emily Saladino, Associate Managing Editor, Digital


$120 Sur La Table

7. For the Person Who Treats Every Day Like a Celebration: Sparkling Wine Anytime: The Best Bottles to Pop For Every Occasion

I love sparkling wine, so I was so excited to receive a copy of Sparkling Wine Anytime: The Best Bottles to Pop For Every Occasion by Katherine Cole. The book is packed with beautiful illustrations, information on sparkling wine regions, vinification methods, grapes and recommendations. It’s a must-have for every sparkling wine enthusiast. —Jacy Topps, Assistant Editor

$4.31 Amazon

8. For the Host Who Doesn’t Want to Cook: Raclette Grill

I am a big foodie and I love to invite people over. The coolest gift I have ever received was a raclette grill. Everyone loves cheese (vegan cheese, too) and there are a million other ingredients your guests can grill. It’s a great way to sit at the table for a long time, conversate and drink while each person grills their food. For the host, it is easy to prepare and stress-free. And there’s no need to worry about what you’ll be cooking. —Itzel Wittlif, Digital Product and Marketing Manager

$97.97 Amazon