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About Vouvray

The Vouvray AOP is centrally located in the Loire Valley’s Touraine region. Here, the climate tends to be mild and the soils dominated by the limestone-rich tuffeau. Crafted from 100% Chenin Blanc, the wines are known for having naturally penetrating acidity and aromas suggestive of quince, chamomile, honeysuckle and apple. These stunning white wines have several stylistic variations depending on the amount of residual sugar. Sec and demi-sec bottlings represent the drier styles and pair perfectly with dishes like roasted pork tenderloin with grilled apples. The luscious moelleux and liquoreux are notably sweeter, often laden with botrytized aromas and flavors, and are best enjoyed with desserts, such as a honeyed pear tart. For more information on the wines of the region, be sure to look through our Vouvray Wine Buying Guide.

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