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Veneto produces more wine, specifically more DOC wine, than anywhere else in Italy. Of all the DOC wines, the whites of Soave and the reds of Valpolicella are the most widely exported and internationally recognized. Garganega is the grape grown in Soave that generally produces neutral, light and easy-drinking wines. Recently, however, because many growers have planted vines on the local volcanic hills, production has resulted in wines with mouthwatering acidity and complex floral components. The Valpolicella DOC lies inland on the coastal plain of Veneto, where the warmer climate infuses the wine with richness that contributes to its high ratings, according to our Veneto Wine Ratings. Corvina is the key grape variety used in all of the reds from the Valpolicella, Bardolino and Amarone della Valpolicella DOCs. It is typically blended with Rondinella and Molinara—varieties that impart the wines with a range of styles from the lighter and fruiter wines of Bardolino, to the dark and masculine wines of Amarone. Much of this is due to the passito process, when grapes are dried on racks until they’ve shriveled up, hich can result in higher quality wines. Valpolicella, for example, has a concentrated, fruit-forward flavor with chocolate and raisin undertones. Read our Veneto Wine Guide to find all the top-rated wines from the region.