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Despite a labeling system that is often confusing, French wine still gives the greatest pleasure of any wine producing region. The style of French wine echoes that of the French themselves elegant, well-dressed, showing an appreciation for the good things of life but never to excess. French wines go best with food, never overpowering either in flavor or in alcohol, always well-mannered, often beautiful.All these qualities make it worthwhile to spend some time to get to know French wine regions through exploring our French wine reviews. The country produces all styles of wine, from the cool wines of the Loire Valley, the stylish whites of Alsace, through the classics of Bordeaux and Burgundy, to the more powerful, muscular offerings of the Rhône Valley and the warm wines of Languedoc-Roussillon. And unique in their northern altitudes are the great Champagnes. Our French wine guide includes thousands of French wine ratings you can sort by wine region, grape variety, vintage, producer or price.