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New Ways to Tackle Thanksgiving Leftovers

This month, four chefs not only provided recipes to help rethink your turkey, taking the regular old bird to new heights with unique flavors and a variety of cooking techniques, but also got creative about what to do with the leftovers. While nothing beats the classic next-day turkey sandwich, here are fresh ideas for you, including rillettes, salad, and meatballs. Sandwich lovers, do not fret: there’s a panini for you.

Grilled Turkey Rillettes

Grilled Turkey Rillettes

Original Recipe: Grilled Turkey with Blackened Chile Vinegar

Leftover Recipe: Simmer 2 cups leftover turkey meat and skin in 2 cups duck fat (available in specialty stores and online) with some garlic, thyme and bay leaf for 1 hour. Strain, reserving duck fat. Using food processor, pulse meat with ¼ cup fat until spreadable, but not pasty. Refrigerate at least 1 day to blend flavors. Serve at room temperature with toast points and pickled vegetables.

Mojo Braised Turkey Salad

Mojo-braised-Turkey Salad

Original Recipe: Mojo-Braised Turkey

Leftover Recipe: Chill leftover pan juice and skim fat. Shred leftover turkey and toss with sliced avocado, orange or grapefruit slices and torn baby lettuces. Use pan juices as salad dressing.

Red Wine Barbecue Turkey Meatballs

Red Wine Barbecue Turkey Meatballs

Original Recipe: Turkey with Red Wine Barbecue Sauce

Leftover Recipe: In food processor, combine 3 cups leftover turkey meat with 1 egg, 1 cup breadcrumbs, ½ cup minced scallions, 1 teaspoon smoked paprika, 1 teaspoon salt and 2 tablespoons mayonnaise. Pulse until mixture has meatloaf consistency. Shape into meatballs. Fry in skillet until browned and heated through. Serve with leftover barbecue sauce as dip.

Pulled Turchinetta Panini

Pulled Turchetta Panini

Original Recipe: Turchetta

Leftover Recipe: Mix mayonnaise with fresh rosemary and sage. Slice ciabatta or focaccia lengthwise. Brush insides with mayo mixture. Shred leftover turchetta, and pile on bread with arugula or microgreens. Brush outside of bread with olive oil. Grill with panini press, waffle iron or cast-iron pan until crisp.

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