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13 Low and No-ABV Cocktails to Celebrate Any Season

Whether it’s summertime and you’re prepping for poolside hangs, or it’s sweater season and holiday gatherings are fast approaching, cocktails might be top of mind. If you’re looking to survive an onslaught of toasts or make sure everyone has something delicious to sip, it’s good to have a few low and no-alcohol cocktail recipes on hand.

Low-alcohol drinks typically have no more than 10% alcohol by volume (abv), give or take. To mix low-abv libations, you’ll want to stock your bar with options like Sherry, vermouth, Port, a flavored liqueur like amarone and bitters.

Cocktails made without alcohol are crafted from zero-proof or less than 0.5% abv distilled spirits. These offerings are often fermented to mimic classic spirits such as gin, whiskey or vodka but are flavored with herbs, botanicals and fruit extracts. 

Here are 13 tasty low and non-alcoholic cocktails for any season.


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Low-Alcohol Cocktails

La Dolce Vida

Reddish brown drink in a coupe glass with a lemon twist agains a white and black background

This Sherry-forward sipper combines nutty Manzanilla Sherry and Bonal into a French wine-based apertif similar to sweet vermouth. Garnished with a lemon twist, it can be just as impressive as a Manhattan.

White Wine Spritzer

White Wine Spritz

White wine spritzers are classic, refreshing drinks. Whether Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio or Riesling, add a little sparkle to your holiday with this simple two-ingredient cocktail.

The Classic Kir Cocktail

Classic kir cocktail
A classic Kir cocktail / Getty

This simple, elegant, two-ingredient classic cocktail is both the perfect apéritif, and a great way to use your leftover white wine.

Dripping Springs Spritzer

Dripping Springs Spritzer, photo by Daniel Krieger
Photo by Daniel Krieger

This refreshing spritzer from Grand Army Bar in Brooklyn, NY, uses a splash of Ricard and St-Germain to bring life to a combination of sparkling wine, seltzer and vermouth.

Low-Proof Mint Julep

Cynar Mint Julep cocktail
Photo by Tom Arena

This low-alcohol version of a classic Mint Julep cocktail recipe features Cynar, an Italian amaro, rather than full-strength Bourbon.

Amaro Highball

Photo by Tom Arena

Italy’s best amaro are often served as after-dinner drinks, but Montenegro Amaro meets aperitivo hour in this simple highball cocktail recipe.

Low-Proof Daiquiri

Photo by Tom Arena

Manzanilla Sherry takes the place of rum in this lower-alcohol alternative to a full-strength Daiquiri—a “Snaiquiri,” if you will.

Lavender 75

A pink fizzy drink with a lemon twist in a flute on a wood table
Photo courtesy Bookstore Bar & Café

This cockail, from Seattle’s Bookstore Bar & Café, is a take on the French 75. It still has sparkling wine, but the gin is replaced with lavender syrup.

Campari Sun

Campari Sun cocktail in Miller HIgh Life bottles
Photo by Jens Johnson

Highbrow meets High Life in this summery cocktail, based off a combination dubbed the “Camparty,” where Campari is added to beer.

Non-Alcoholic Cocktails

Non-Alcoholic Spiritless Whiskey Sour Cocktail

NA Anyway Spiritless Whiskey Sour

This refreshing, smooth cocktail is made with non-alcoholic bourbon, a distilled spirit with notes of caramel, vanilla and oak. Combine it with ginger syrup, egg white and fresh lemon juice and you’ve got yourself a sweet and tart cocktail.

Non-Alcoholic Martini

Love martini’s but would prefer the un-leaded version this season? Try this classic drink crafted with alcohol-free dry gin and dry vermouth—garnished with plenty olives of course. 

Ginger Snap

Ginger Snap Mocktail

This spicy and citrusy concoction of pear syrup, lime juice and ginger beer is the perfect non-alcoholic substitute of a Moscow Mule that will have you feeling zingy from the inside out.

The Detox 

The Detox Mocktail

This trio of pineapple juice, celery juice and lime juice is a deliciously clean non-alcoholic drink that comes together with a savory dash of sea salt.

This article was updated on June 14th, 2023

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