The Yule Tide Toddy Adds Warm Breakfast Flavors to the Classic Drink | Wine Enthusiast Magazine
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Maple syrup, baked apples and cinnamon? No, this isn’t a recipe for brunch pancakes, but a warm Bourbon cocktail for those looking to upgrade their classic Hot Toddy (though it might not be bad idea for brunch either). A touch of amaro helps temper the sweetness of this drink with an herbal punch, with apple bitters ensuring balance between the ingredients. If apple bitters prove difficult to find, standard Angostura can be substituted in a pinch.


2 ounces hot water
1½ ounces Bourbon
½ ounce Amaro Abano
¼ ounce maple syrup
3 dashes apple bitters (Bar Keep Baked Apple Bitters recommended)
Cinnamon stick, to garnish

Combine all ingredients except garnish in a heat-proof glass. Stir well, and garnish with cinnamon stick.