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The Sum Nice, Sum Spice Genever cocktail

The Sum Nice, Sum Spice Genever Cocktail

Courtesy Jessie Smyth, lead bartender, Genever, Los Angeles

“This drink is like a spicy spa water,” says Smyth. “Cucumber, mint and aloe bring out the sweeter, malty flavors of genever, balanced out with a bit of spice.” It showcases the versatility of genever, though in a pinch, it’s easy to imagine this drink made with blanco Tequila or vodka. Opt for a young-style genever to play against this drink’s bright vegetal freshness.



Salt, to rim
2 slices cucumber, plus one for garnish
2 slices serrano pepper
3–4 mint leaves
½ ounce lime juice
½ ounce simple syrup (1 part sugar dissolved in 1 part hot water)
2 ounces genever, like de Borgen New-Style Genever
1 ounce aloe juice 


Moisten rim of rocks glass with lime juice, then roll lip of glass in salt. Set aside.

In cocktail shaker, muddle cucumber slices, pepper slices and mint leaves with lime juice and simple syrup. Add genever, aloe juice and ice. Shake well, then double-strain into prepared rocks glass over fresh ice. Garnish with cucumber wheel.


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