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The New Rum & Coke

Courtesy Jillian Vose and Jesse Vida, BlackTail, New York City

We’ve found the perfect use for any bubbly left over from holiday revelry: a nontraditional riff on the rum and Coke. This drink hails from BlackTail, a Cuban-inspired spot in New York City’s financial district from the team behind the award-winning Dead Rabbit.

“We’re celebrating American bar culture in Havana from the 1920s through the 1950s,” says Jack McGarry, the bar’s managing partner. His team pored over classic cocktail books from the era to see what Americans were drinking, which included plenty of rum, as you might imagine. The historical recipes were then updated to suit today’s tastes.

In this drink, cola is amplified by Fernet, an extra-bitter Italian amaro, plus plenty of Champagne for celebratory fizz.


1 dash Orinoco Bitters
½ teaspoon Fernet
¾ ounce cola syrup*
1 ounce silver rum, like Bacardi Facundo NEO
4 ounces Champagne
Lemon twist, for garnish


In a rocks glass, stir together a large piece of ice and all ingredients except garnish. Garnish with the lemon twist.

*Note: BlackTail makes its cola syrup in-house, but it’s also easy to purchase. Look for syrup you might use with soda-making machines. Monin also makes a version.