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Sparkling Port Punch

Courtesy Pamela Wiznitzer, creative director, Seamstress, New York City

This slightly sweet, festive drink incorporates everyone’s favorite holiday sip—sparkling. Plus, who doesn’t love a holiday garnish of cranberries?


¾ ounce freshly squeezed lemon juice
1 ounce brewed white tea
1 ounce cranberry syrup (2:1 ratio of 100% unsweetened cranberry juice to sugar)
1 ounce Sandeman Founders Reserve Port
½ Ruffino Prosecco
4–8 cranberries, for garnish
Lemon wedge, for garnish


In a rocks glass, add lemon, white tea, cranberry syrup, and Port. Top with Prosecco and stir. Add ice cubes, and top with cranberries and lemon wedge for garnish.

Batch Rule: Multiply the ingredients for each additional guest.

Watch Pamela Wiznitzer make this cocktail >