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Rosemary and Lemon-Slice Halibut Recipe

This is an all-season dinner entrée we rely on pretty much year-round, inspired by a recipe from the New York Times. It draws from our pantry and garden—the only shopping I have to do is for whichever fresh fish I can find. The pungent rosemary and black olives are countered by lemon slices to offer a ton of flavor, and everything gets browned under a broiler. It’s not a delicate preparation, but a hearty one that only needs a simple salad to make a complete and satisfying meal.


2 pounds halibut, cod, red snapper or other white fish filets
Salt and pepper, to taste
16 rosemary sprigs
2 lemons, sliced into thin circles
Olive oil
½ cup Kalamata olives


If fish filets are more than ½-inch thick, heat oven to 400˚F. If thinner, heat broiler on high.

Pat fish dry and cut into single portion-sized pieces if necessary.
Arrange with space between each piece on nonstick sheet pan or
sheet pan lined with parchment or foil. Sprinkle with salt and pepper.

Place one or two rosemary sprigs on each piece of fish, then layer lemon slices on top of rosemary. Add light drizzle of olive oil to each slice. Scatter olives in pan.

If fish filets are thicker than ½-inch, position rack in center of oven and roast for 6–8 minutes, until nearly opaque in center.

Move rack to top, turn on broiler and broil briefly until lemon slices
brown around edges.

If filets are thinner, start them on top rack under broiler. Cook,
watching closely, 3–4 minutes until opaque in center. Serves 4–6.

Wine Pairing

Two Shepherds 2018 Trimble Vineyard Carignan (Mendocino). Black olives add depth to this dish. As a result, it’s well suited to a light-bodied, non tannic red wine like this, preferably served with a light chill. A rich, full-bodied white, like Roussanne, would also complement it nicely.

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