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Grilled Bone-In Pork Chops with Corn and Salted Cucumber Salsa

Overlooking the Providence River Pedestrian Bridge, Rhode Island’s Bayberry Garden serves New England cuisine alongside a wine list of benchmark producers, lesser-known grape varieties and celebration-worthy, large-format bottlings. Pork is often paired with apples or butternut squash to highlight its affinity for sweet flavors, but in this recipe, Executive Chef Mike Seely showcases its compatibility with another sweet element:

Courtesy Mike Seely, executive chef, Bayberry Garden, Providence, RI

(@bayberrygarden on Instagram)

Serving Size



2 bone-in pork chops, about 2 inches thick
½ cucumber, peeled, seeded and cut into ¼ -inch cubes
½ teaspoon salt, plus more for seasoning
3 ears corn, shucked
½ red onion, minced
1 cup cherry tomatoes, halved
¼ cup cilantro leaves, minced
2 scallions, whites and greens sliced thin
2 tablespoons olive oil
Juice and zest of 1 lime
¼ teaspoon ground Aleppo or Urfa pepper


Season pork chops liberally with salt. Place pork on wire rack set over sheet pan. Refrigerate until well-chilled, at least 2 hours.

Toss cucumber with ½ teaspoon salt. Add to fine-mesh strainer, and let drain for 30 minutes.

Set grill to high, or warm grill pan over high heat. Add corn and cook, turning often, until charred slightly all over, about 8–10 minutes. Remove from heat and cool slightly, then cut kernels from cobs into large bowl.

Squeeze excess liquid out of cucumber, and use paper towel to pat dry. Add to bowl with corn, then mix in onion, tomato, cilantro, scallion whites, olive oil, lime juice/zest and pepper until well incorporated. Season with salt, to taste. Set aside.

Remove pork chops from refrigerator, and brush with oil. Grill until meat thermometer inserted in center registers 145˚F.

Spoon about 1 cup salsa on two plates. Top each with pork chop, then garnish with remaining salsa, scallion greens and drizzled olive oil, as desired.


Podere il Saliceto Falistra (Lambrusco di Sorbara)

“While Lambrusco is often thought of as a sweeter style of sparkling red, this is a thrilling dry rosé made sustainably in the outskirts of Emilia-Romagna,” says Kelsey Shaw, Bayberry Garden’s general manager and sommelier. “Its earthy structure stands up to the meatiness of the pork chop, and notes of strawberry leaf and a subtle herbaceousness complement the cherry tomato and corn salsa.”

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