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Courtesy Kyle Itani, chef, Hopscotch, Oakland, CA

At upscale diner Hopscotch in Oakland, California, Chef Kyle Itani uses housemade kimchi in a variety of dishes. Itani specializes in American comfort food with Japanese ingredients and technique, hence the Japanese spelling of kimchi. Both the Korean gochugaru chilie flakes and dried and salted baby shrimp can be bought at Asian specialty markets or online. Feel free to substitute red pepper flakes or chili flakes for the gochugaru flakes.


2 heads Napa cabbage
2 pounds daikon (peeled and sliced thin)
4 ounces minced garlic chives
¼ cup gochugaru Korean chile flakes
2 tablespoons dried, salted baby shrimp
6 tablespoons kosher salt


Cut Napa cabbage into 1-inch squares. In large bowl, mix cabbage with the rest of ingredients. Transfer to plastic container. Weigh ingredients down with large, sealed plastic bag filled with water. Make sure liquid from vegetables covers all ingredients beneath the plastic bag. Let ferment at room temperature for 4 days.

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