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The Killer Queen Cocktail

Courtesy Brent Karlicek, beverage director at Postino WineCafe, Phoenix, AZ

Named for the Queen song “Killer Queen,” this drink features three types of wine: Cocchi Americano, an Italian aperitif wine infused with bittersweet botanicals, Moscato and dry sparkling wine. Dehydrated lemon wheels can be purchased or made by baking thin slices in the oven at 170–200°F for 3–4 hours.

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2 ounces Cocchi Americano
2 ounces Moscato d’Asti
2 ounces Cava
¾ ounces sparkling mineral water
Dried lemon wheel, to garnish


Add first three ingredients to a rocks glass. Fill glass three-fourths full with ice. Add sparkling water, and lightly stir. Garnish with dried lemon wheel along the side of the glass.

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