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In Washington D.C., Supra is like a temple of Georgian cuisine. The restaurant serves several types of khachapuri, which is more of a category of topped or stuffed (or sometimes, both) breads than a specific dish. This version from the Adjara region is its most popular. It features a cheese-stuffed crust and a bubbling melted cheese that’s combined with egg yolk and butter just before serving. As with the other breads, a store-bought dough would be fine. However, the chefs at Supra use a soft enriched dough, and they recommend that you make your favorite pizza dough recipe with milk substituted for water rather than purchasing one that is premade.   


Courtesy Supra Restaurant, Washington D.C.  

(Instagram @supradc) 


12  ounces low-moisture mozzarella or sulguni cheese, shredded  
⅔  cup crumbled feta cheese  
⅓  cup ricotta cheese  
3  egg yolks  
2  tablespoons butter, at room temperature  
1  pound store-bought or homemade pizza dough


Heat oven to 500˚F. 

Mix 6 ounces mozzarella or sulguni with feta, ricotta and egg yolk. Set aside.  

Divide dough in half, roll each into a 6x10inch rectangle, and place on parchment-lined baking sheets.  

Spread cheese mixture along long edges of each rectangle, leaving 12 inches dough uncovered at ends. Roll dough edges up around cheese to form stuffed crust, and press to seal. Gather cheese-free ends of dough and pinch together to create boat shape. If necessary, gently stretch dough to make wide, long oval in center. Fill centers with remaining shredded cheese. Bake until crusts are brown and cheese is bubbly, about 57 minutes. 

Remove from oven. Working quickly, use forks to blend 1 egg yolk and 1 tablespoon butter into melted cheese of each khachapuri. Serve immediately. Serves 4. 

Regional Pairing  

Baia’s Wine 2019 Tsolikouri (Imereti)

“Given the cheesy and buttery goodness of the Ajaruli khachapuri, I would look to an acidic white like a Tsitska or Tsolikouri,” says Jonathan Nelms, Supra’s owner. “There’s a brilliant young pair of sisters—Baia and Gvantsa Abuladze—who make this and several other wines in western Georgia that retain great acidity in the subtropical climate.”

Alternate Pairing  

Domaine Jean Vullien 2019 Jacquère (Savoie)

In the Savoie region of the French Alps, light, crisp and faintly floral white wines like this one made from the Jacquère grape are commonly matched up with cheese fondue. It would go equally well with the cheesiness of this khachapuri.

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