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Fish & Game’s Roasted Oysters with Kimchi Hollandaise

Adapted from Project 258: Making Dinner at Fish & Game (University of Texas Press)

At Fish & Game, the staff uses a homemade kimchi of daikon greens and bakes the oysters in a wood-fired oven.


24 oysters
1 egg, plus 3 egg yolks
2 sticks (½ pound) unsalted butter
½ cup kimchi brine, strained
Kosher salt, to taste
½ cup kimchi, drained and minced


Shuck oysters, leaving them in bottom shell with liquid. Arrange in rimmed baking sheet on bed of coarse salt, to hold them steady while you make Hollandaise.

Put egg and yolks in blender. Heat butter and brine in saucepan over medium heat. After butter melts, whisk mixture and pour slowly into running blender until it visibly thickens. Add salt to taste, if necessary.

Heat broiler. Top each oyster with about 1 teaspoon of kimchi and fill with Hollandaise. Broil until sauce is nicely browned, and serve immediately. Serves 8–12.

Pair It

France Gonzalvez 2014 Roule ta Bulle Pétillant Naturel (Vin de France)

Fish & Game Wine Director Mike Rice says, “This funky pink pet-nat has a little residual sugar to stand up to that briny oyster, the kimchi and the Hollandaise. Delicious to drink with the oysters, and on its own when they’re gone.”

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