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The 8 Most Popular Tequilas for Margaritas

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It’s summertime! With the hot weather rolling in one of the most classic ways to cool off is a margarita. While there are many ways to spice up (perhaps literally) this long-standing cocktail staple, choosing the right tequila is key. With so many popular tequila brands fighting for your attention and dollar, how do you decide which is worthy of your margarita?

All tequila must be made from 100% blue agave and comes in three categories based on how long it has been aged in barrel. Blanco is unaged tequila, reposado can be aged between 2 months and 364 days, and añejo is anything aged over a year. The majority of margaritas will be made with blanco tequila because the absence of aging highlights the citrus and freshness, but aged tequilas can add a smokier depth to margs.

The basic recipe for a margarita is tequila, lime, orange liqueur, and salt. People have been building on this recipe since its inception and have created some truly outstanding combinations. Fruit margaritas, spicy margaritas, smokey margaritas, slushy margaritas are a handful of variations that have become mainstream.

Here are some of our favorite tequilas for margaritas.

Antaño Blanco Tequila
Photo courtesy Total Wine & More

Antaño Blanco Tequila; $37. Buy at Total Wine & More. Concentrated agave and savory herbs unfurl on the nose. The steely palate starts with lemon peel astringency… SEE SCORE AND FULL REVIEW

Bribon Tequila Anejo bottle shot
Photo courtesy Bribón

Bribón Tequila Añejo; $30. Buy at Tequila Bribón. Light, fresh aromas suggest honeysuckle and a hint of pear. The palate echoes those notes… SEE SCORE AND FULL REVIEW

Cazul 100 Blanco Reserva Tequila
Photo courtesy Wine.com

Cazul 100 Blanco Reserva Tequila; $32. Buy at Total Wine & More. Hints of tomato, lemon peel and dried herb perfume this zesty, savory Tequila… SEE SCORE AND FULL REVIEW

La Gritona Reposado
Photo courtesy Wine.com

La Gritona Reposado; $31. Buy at Wine.com. Look for a pale straw hue and fruity/funky aromas. The palate offers distinct tropical fruit notes… SEE SCORE AND FULL REVIEW


Los Rijos Silver Tequila
Photo courtesy Drizly

Los Rijos Silver Tequila; $32. Buy at Drizly. This Tequila is brisk and slightly vegetal, with tones of bell pepper and tarragon layered with almond… SEE SCORE AND FULL REVIEW

Montelobos Espadín Joven
Photo courtesy Wine.com

Montelobos Espadín Joven; $34. Buy at Wine.com. A brisk aroma mixes dried oregano, bell pepper, juicy lemon, a hint of rubber. The palate leads with rubber and graphite notes… SEE SCORE AND FULL REVIEW

Tanteo Blanco Tequila
Photo courtesy Wine.com

Tanteo Blanco Tequila; $40. Buy at Wine.com. The gentle, sweet aroma mixes fruit and floral nuance. The palate opens with mellow agave… SEE SCORE AND FULL REVIEW

Tequila Dahlia Cristalino
Photo courtesy Total Wine & More

Tequila Dahlia Cristalino; $40. Buy at Total Wine & More. A reposado Tequila filtered to remove the color, look for a bright candied lemon peel aroma, with a faint floral hint… SEE SCORE AND FULL REVIEW


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