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Fruit-Flavored Gins Perfect for Wine Drinkers

All gins receive flavor from juniper—it’s just not gin without this piney little berry. But bolder, fruit-flavored bottles have finally arrived. England, gin’s spiritual homeland, has led the trend for a few years, and it’s been worth the wait stateside. The newest crop is audacious, with fruity notes like grapefruit, Marasca cherry and cranberry that will appeal to a wine lover’s palate. Here are four to try.

Malfy Gin Rosa

From Italy’s Piedmont region, the main flavoring of this pink gin is Sicilian grapefruit. It’s slightly sweet, so the overall effect is similar to pink lemonade. Try it in a spritz-style drink, where it’s lightened with bubbles. Also look for the Con Limone (lemon) and Con Arancia (blood orange) bottlings.

Luxardo Sour Cherry Gin

This delicious newcomer marries London dry gin with Marasca cherry juice from the Luxardo orchard in Italy. The juicy effect evokes a lighter version of sloe gin. Mixed with soda water and a squeeze of lemon, it makes for an easy-drinking Sour Cherry Collins.

Seersucker Southern Style Lemonade Gin

Made in San Antonio, Texas, this perky, cloudy, pale-yellow gin is sweet on the palate. Look for a lemon lollipop aroma and flavor that finishes with puckery lemon-peel tartness that’s smoothed by hints of honey and cooling mint. Even served straight, it goes down dangerously easy, not unlike a lemon drop cocktail.

Dry Line Cape Cod Rosé Gin

For those who love grapes, this Massachusetts gin is blended with rosé wine made from California Grenache. Look for a demure blush pink hue and distinct wine-like nose. The tart, juicy palate hints at cranberry, plum skin and sour cherry, while it finishes with brisk juniper zing.

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