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The Best White Wines for Sangria

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For many, the word “sangria” likely conjures images of red wine swimming with jewel-like cut fruit, and certainly, the internet is filled with such recipes. There are also seemingly infinite riffs on this traditional style of sangria, from tequila-spiked sangria with hibiscus to the sangria slushie.

But there’s no reason to settle always and forever for sangria made with red wine. Sangria aficionados should not be afraid to take a walk on the white side, says Augi Anagnostos, Wine Enthusiast’s assistant tasting coordinator. White wines can lend to lighter, brighter sangrias, like Clericó, Uruguay’s spritzy summertime staple, or melón con vino, Chile’s sangria-adjacent honeydew cocktail. Our French press sangria is a particularly excellent, fruit-forward example.

But how does one settle on the right wine to use in white wine sangria? Here are a few tips from the Wine Enthusiast Tasting Department, plus some of our top white wine picks for sangria.

How to Choose the Best White Wine for Sangria

When making white sangria, start with a high-acid wine to achieve the drink’s signature “crisp, refreshing feeling,” says Anagnostos. You’ll know your wine is high in acid if sips yield a tart, mouth-puckering feeling.

Because sangria is often associated with Spain, it’s natural to gravitate towards Spanish wines like Albariño, Cava or Verdejo. These are great options for sangria, but any high-acid wine from around the globe will do, like Pinot Grigio or Sauvignon Blanc. You may even want to choose wines with flavors that mimic the fruits you plan to include—like lemon, green apple or peach. Of course, drinkers should ultimately pick one that suits their tastes.

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Next, choose a wine that you’d want to drink straight, but isn’t too expensive. “You taste the wine, but you don’t really taste the wine properly, because it’s mixed with everything else,” Anagnostos explains.

She suggests choosing a bottle under $30, something one might pour on a casual Wednesday night. This can even include a good boxed wine, which is a great option to keep the price low—a key consideration if you’re batching sangria for a crowd.

Our Picks

Paco & Lola 2021 Albariño Albariño (Rías Baixas)

Almost clear to the eye, this wine has a bouquet of Valencia orange and star fruit. Zesty flavors of pineapple, Meyer lemon, jasmine and a touch of lime sorbet are set into a full-textured wine with a satisfying finish. 92 Points  —Mike DeSimone


Hermanos del Villar 2021 Oro de Castilla Verdejo Verdejo (Rueda)

Aromas of white peach, grapefruit and fresh parsley pave the way for pineapple, ripe summer peach and fennel-pollen flavors, with very soft touches of mint leaf. Bold acidity and a firm vein of minerality make for luscious mouthfeel and a sublime finish. 92 Points  —M.D.


Helwig 2022 Sauvignon Blanc (Amador County)

This Sauv Blanc has an almost a smoothness and roundness to the body, save for the linear acidity and a slight phenolic grip—all of which is very well balanced. Enjoy aromas and flavors of jasmine blossom, sea-salt salinity, just-cut grass, grapefruit and white strawberry. 90 Points  —Stacy Briscoe

$14 Total Wine & More

Mohua 2022 Sauvignon Blanc (Marlborough)

Heady aromas of green bell pepper, summer beans, passionfruit and lime lead to a dry, crunchy palate that nicely balances texture with mouthwatering acidity. The limey, refreshing finish makes another sip an easy endeavor. 89 Points  —Christina Pickard


Fantinel 2021 Tenuta Sant’Helena Pinot Grigio Pinot Grigio (Collio)

Fresh and bright, this wine offers aromas of green apple, white flowers and is a touch leesy. The palate drops notes of pear and bitter almond, finishing with mineral undertones. 88 Points  —Jeff Porter


Gloria Ferrer NV Sonoma Brut Sparkling (Carneros)

Fruity and easy to swallow, this friendly wine offers a fruit bowl of aromas, relatively soft texture and tiny bubbles. The notes of Pippin apples and Bartlett pears are delicious. 90 Points  —Jim Gordon


Schramsberg NV Mirabelle 31st Bottling Sparkling (North Coast)

A nice, well-rounded, easy-sipping sparkler with notes of lemon, lime, ripe green apple and pear and chamomile tea. The finish lingers with just a kiss of RS. 89 Points  —S.B.


Naveran 2020 Brut Sparkling (Cava)

A steady stream of small bubbles helps release aromas of white pear, green apple and rose petal. This wine’s bold citrus flavors are accompanied by notes of chopped green herbs, jasmine, rising pizza dough and a touch of salinity that dominates the finish. 87 Points —M.D.


Codorníu NV Clasico Sparkling (Cava)

With a bold rush of bubbles, this wine offers a bouquet of honeydew melon, guava and rising pizza dough. Bright on the palate, it has classic flavors of Granny Smith apple, lemon zest and just-toasted brioche. 87 Points  —M.D.