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World Class Wines From Vinho Verde

The Region and its sense of place.

Today, modern Portuguese winemaking remains firmly connected with its long history. Vinho Verde presents a wide range of sophisticated expressions from indigenous grape varieties, these wines are marked by their inimitable natural freshness due to the predominance of granitic soils and help showcase the versatility of wines from the region.

The art of blending is a widely recognized trademark throughout Portugal, and Vinho Verde Region is no exception. However, today single-variety wines are gaining attention and showcasing the region’s impressive potential. These are delicious, high-quality wines that can stand shoulder to shoulder with some of the greatest wines in the world. Vinho Verde wines offer a spectrum of delicious pairing possibilities with a variety of global cuisines.

Indigenous varieties invite delicious food pairings

Avesso is found in the subregions of Baião, Amarante, Paiva, and Basto. Beaming with hints of flowers along with a flinty minerality it is a wine that begs for shellfish, light white pastas and vegetable risotto. Avesso shows great potential as a monovarietal and will prove to be the next great star among Vinho Verde’s already diverse list of native varieties.

If Avesso is the rising star, then Loureiro is certainly the current reigning star. As the most widely planted white variety in Vinho Verde, Loureiro is better adapted to the coastal areas and river valleys in the subregions of Lima, Cavado, Ave, Sousa and Paiva. Loureiro refers to “louro/laurel” as its aromas are deeply reminiscent of fresh bay leaves. It shines with notes of citrus fruit and green apple making it an ideal companion with goat cheeses to vegetable spring rolls, sushi and sashimi, fresh seafood salads, fish tacos, clams in garlic broth or sizzling grilled octopus.

Vinho Verde’s refreshing red grape varieties are the cornerstone for bracingly dry rosés as well as vibrant, crunchy red wines. Espadeiro’s fresh wild berry aromas along with the floral and fruity notes of the Padeiro grape, produce easy-drinking rosé wines that pair remarkably well with sushi and sashimi. Amaral, Borraçal, Alvarelhão and Vinhão are all easy-going, food-friendly red varieties. They can be enjoyed with anything from lightly-spiced meat dishes, to fish on the grill, Korean BBQ and even Thanksgiving dinner.

Alvarinho and the uniqueness of the Monção e Melgaço.

All across Vinho Verde, Alvarinho shines with delicate and fragrant aromas of jasmine, orange blossom, lemon peel, and fresh-cut grass. On the southern bank of the Minho river, the Monção e Melgaço subregion faces towards the Spanish border and is characterized by a unique, natural amphitheater which takes advantage of sunny hillside vineyard sites, less rainfall and a natural protection from the Atlantic winds. The temperate microclimate within these landscapes provides flawless conditions to safeguard the key aromas of Alvarinho’s splendor. This is where the Alvarinho grape has taken its personality, its expression of terroir and its unique pedigree.

The wines are beautifully structured with balanced alcohol and rich textures, the vibrant flavors of orange blossom, fresh citrus and tropical fruits can pair perfectly with a variety of cuisines from Mediterranean, Thai, spiced Indian dishes, not to mention the natural pairing of seafood. The subregion of Monção e Melgaço serves to elevate the remarkable potential of Alvarinho.