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Unbox Santorini Volcanic Terroir

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We are blessed to be born in this land.
We are sharing our legacy, the heroic terroir of Santorini.
Rare products ambassadors of volcanic heritage.
Born from the fire, raised by the sea breeze.

Santorini was born out of one of the largest volcanic eruptions in recorded history. This has given the island two of its most distinguishable characteristics- breathtaking landscape and unique volcanic soil which make Santorini both a gorgeous island and a paradise for food lovers.

Plants on Santorini are not irrigated artificially and rainfall is rare on the island. Therefore, the watering comes from the natural humidity and the sea mist which is absorbed by the volcanic soil, providing the necessary hydration. This method, known as dry farming, results in a low-yield production that creates unique, flavorful agricultural products.

Wines, tomatoes and fava (a special kind of yellow split pea) produced in Santorini bear the quality stamp “Protected Designation of Origin” (PDO), awarded by the European Union to products which are reputable for their excellence and uniqueness.

Wines of PDO Santorini
The wine production dates back thousands of years. Today, the prephylloxera vineyard of Santorini consists of approximately 1200 hectares of family-owned vineyards. PDO SANTORINI wines are known for their crisp acidity, intense minerality, distinctive salinity in the palette, and can be found in wine lists of the best restaurants around the world. They comprise of at least 75 % Assyrtiko, one of the most highly regarded white varieties in the world.

Tomataki Santorinis PDO
Tomatoes in Santorini – called “tomataki” (toh-mah-tah kee) which means “small tomato” in Greek- have developed a thicker skin due to the meager rainfalls and blustery weather on Santorini. The tomato paste produced from the tomataki is famous for its distinctive red color, velvety texture, sweet and slightly mineral taste, and zesty aromas.

Fava Santorinis PDO
The production of fava in Santorini is very small (no more than 450 pounds annually) making it a coveted food tradition of the island. Fava Santorinis PDO is nutrient-dense and contain more than 20% plant based protein. It has a rich and velvety texture with an earthy and slightly sweet taste, making it a treasured ingredient with chefs around the globe.

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