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Spilling the “TEE” on Sustainability with Loveblock Wines



Shana Clarke, Journalist and Author.

When seasoned vintners Erica and Kim Crawford started Loveblock in 2013, they put sustainability at the forefront of both their grape-growing and winemaking. From their organically farmed 600 acres of vineyards in New Zealand’s Awatere Valley, they produce terroir-driven Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris, and Pinot Noir. But Erica constantly strives to improve their methods, which led to their newest release: Loveblock TEE. A no-sulfur-added Sauvignon Blanc, they utilize green tea tannin extract in the winemaking process, a technique that’s considered a first for the wine industry.

Join Shana Clarke, journalist and author in this two-part video series to learn how Loveblock embodies Erica’s philosophies about sustainability, and discover Sauvignon Blanc TEE. Click below to watch episode one.

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