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Not Your Typical Wine Club

It’s Sunday night and you suddenly remember you need a few bottles of fine wine to impress some colleagues at dinner on Thursday. You want to pick the perfect bottles but you’re tight on time and money, so the wine store isn’t an option. Instead you go online, pick from a wide variety of domestic and international wine, and order for delivery. So in just one minute, you’ve stocked up on crowd favorites that your boss will love, all from your couch. Better yet, the website also gives you wine discounts, a personalized collection, and a 100% guarantee. Not every online wine store can promise these perks, but can!

Far from a pipe dream, this online version of a wine lover’s fantasy offers an elegantly curated stream of irresistible vintages and opens the door to new bottles that match your tastes. The team at WTSO (Wines ‘Til Sold Out) travels the globe to handpick wines, from famous selections by some of the world’s most prestigious wine brands to little-known treasures at local wineries.

While WTSO has grown tremendously in the last 14 years, it remains a customer-driven operation at heart. Their priority is to deliver simplicity and quality to every visitor, which shines through in its features and offerings: Free temperature-controlled wine holds, 30+ bottles suited to your tastes offered daily, day-long Marathon Sales, a page for rare high-end finds, a cellar of your favorites, and themed wine packs just scratch the surface of what they provide for each customer. Since 2006, CEO Joseph Arking and his team have been using ingenuity and tenacity to grow WTSO from its modest origins. “We worked our tails off with a growing team of employees,” Arking declares, “many still with us.” Today WTSO is the leader in Wine Flash Sale sites with over 25 million bottles sold.

Unlike typical wine clubs, WTSO has no membership fees, no deposits, and no surprises, as every step is entirely in your hands. Don’t like a bottle? WTSO offers a 100% guarantee. “If a customer isn’t completely satisfied they’ll get a refund or replacement with no questions asked,” promises Arking. No-risk temptations, free shipping, wine at your doorstep on demand — chances are, your Sunday night just got a whole lot better. Cheers!

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