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Connecting You to the Land – LangeTwins Single Vineyard Wines


Feeling part of nature is difficult amid 21st-century trends toward urbanization and technology, but our family is fortunate. By continuing a family-farming tradition dating back to the 1870s in Lodi, California, we stay linked to the land each day as we walk through our vineyards.

To share this connection with the land with you, we just introduced estate-grown Single Vineyard wines. Every bottle highlights how each winegrape variety interacts with soil and weather to create a one-of-a-kind wine.

In 1973 we (fourth-generation farmers and identical-twin brothers, Randall and Brad Lange) returned home and began cultivating winegrapes. Our passion for the land and its ecosystem intensified. “We quickly realized that we weren’t going to be farming the same ground our family did in the 1900s without doing things differently,” says Brad Lange. “By practicing socially and environmentally responsible farming, improving our techniques and embracing innovation, we grew the family farm.”

Today our family grows winegrapes in the Jahant, Clements Hills, Mokelumne and Clarksburg Appellations. Each area has distinct terroir that guides our path to farming. “By walking the rows and ‘listening’ to what the land and grapes convey, we make sure our Single Vineyard wines are the exact expression of each block,” says Brad.

We honor the land where we leave our footsteps – so much that each vineyard’s soil is digitized and featured on the front labels” – Randall Lange

This devotion to the land continues in the winery. We gently guide winegrapes through fermentation, allowing natural winemaking to reveal the distinctiveness of the vineyard. These 100% varietal wines are then aged in neutral French and American oak, slowly imbuing a warm character and mellow spice notes. The winemaking brings out the uniqueness of each variety. And each vineyard.

“Our Single Vineyard wines—Prince Chenin Blanc, Miller Cabernet Franc and One Hundred Petite Sirah—take our family closer to our roots,” says Randall Lange. “We are proud to share this connection to the land with you.”


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