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Colorado on the Rise

Colorado’s been making headlines lately. And it’s not for the reasons you might expect. Sure, the state’s 300 days of sunshine, towering Rocky Mountains and majestic valleys lure adventure enthusiasts from around the globe. But the state’s mesmerizing terroir has begun to solidify Colorado’s reputation as a playground for wine enthusiasts, too.

Perhaps less expected than established wine meccas like Napa or Tuscany, Colorado’s winemaking industry has undergone a renaissance over the last decade, not only flourishing in terms of volume, quality and complexity, but also earning international recognition for the fruits of their vintners’ labor. Ranked one of Wine Enthusiast’s Top 10 Wine Getaways of 2018, Colorado offers what no other wine region can—a unique sense of spirit and place. It is partially the people that make Colorado wine so memorable: the vintners sparring with unimaginable odds thrown their way by Mother Nature as they craft their award-winning wines. Yet their indefatigable attitude and passion for winemaking comes through loud and clear in the intense aromas and flavors of their prized varietals.

The state’s distinctive environment adds even more to the wines’ individual personalities. Highly alkaline soil watered by mountain runoff creates a unique and noticeable Colorado terroir. Elevation plays a large part since most vineyards are located between 4,500 to 7,000 feet above sea level, some of the highest in the Northern Hemisphere, resulting in consistently low humidity, ideal for grape-growing. This continental climate boasts long, warm daylight hours of intense, high-elevation sun and cool, breezy nights that allow the fruit to mature and build its natural sugars while still retaining the acids vital to premium winemaking. The result is a recipe for growing world-class wine grapes with complex character and chemistry required to craft award-winning wines.

We invite you to explore Colorado’s 150+ wineries from the Eastern Plains up to the Mountains and down to the arid Canyons of the Western Slope. Come explore the country’s two highest viticultural areas: the West Elks AVA and the Grand Valley AVA. There is a national park or national monument within two hours drive of nearly every winery in the state in addition to the incredible outdoor adventures that pair perfectly with all Colorado wines.

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