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Bodega Trapiche – Exploring to break new ground


Awarded as New World Winery of the Year, the centennial Argentina winery is a pioneer in its homeland, where it is widely recognized for its ongoing quest for innovation since its origins back in 1883.

Standing at the foot of the Andes mountain range, in Mendoza, Argentina, Trapiche finds, in the exploration of the land and its natural resources, an open door to new challenges and progress. The winery was a pioneer in introducing Bordeuax grape varieties and leading modern winemaking techniques, as well as in exploring microterroirs and finding uncharted sites for winegrowing. It is easy to understand, then, why Trapiche’s progress is a mirror to the development of New World winemaking practices. An unquenchable thirst for discovery has also led the winery to dive into premium winemaking and export operations.



Bodega Trapiche was born in Mendoza, a land where the European immigrants found the perfect conditions for vinegrowing.
In its early beginnings, the winery started growing vines in the district of Maipú, in a region known locally as “Primera Zona” (or First Zone, where the first quality vineyards were planted in Mendoza). The soils gave rise to impressive Cabernet Sauvignons and Malbecs, showing a great varietal expression, and presaged the evolution of the area into the cradle of Argentine winemaking. Trapiche then expanded to Uco Valley, the region evidencing the most development and potential over the last 20 years, where the mountain climate and the exploration of microterroirs have breathed life into a diverse array of Malbec wines, Argentina´s flagship variety.


Additionally, as a result of extensive research, the winery has successfully grown vines four miles from the Atlantic Ocean, in the province of Buenos Aires, in a cool climate region, suitable for dry farming with loessic soils, featuring growing conditions opposite to those of Mendoza. The result? Argentina’s first wines with oceanic influence: Costa & Pampa. Fresh and delicate, these new wines had seemed impossible to craft in the country not too long ago.

Trapiche’s exploration of a variety of terroirs has led to the use of different training and irrigation systems to make the most of the natural features available in each plot. The techniques range from drip irrigation systems to dryland farming in order to deliver wines that reflect their unique places of origin.

Centered around the concept of winemaking, Espacio Trapiche, the winery’s very own restaurant, offers superb cuisine with an emphasis on the wine pairing options that best complement each dish. The menu is based on seasonal dishes and fresh products from the restaurant’s own orchard and local producers, faithful to the local food concept of “Kilometer 0”.

Exploration and discovery lie at the heart of Bodega Trapiche, which thrives on innovation as a guiding principle in the search for new horizons. Wine as a fascinating territory. Concentrating its efforts in groundbreaking research, Trapiche is driven by a strong will to continue uncovering varietal expressions loved and admired by the entire world. A path forged by hard work, and nourished by the accolades that recognized it. A New World for Wine, where Bodega Trapiche continues to stand out.