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Ask Me Anything with Vittorio Marzotto from Santa Margherita

Don’t miss your chance to ask the Vice President of Strategic Initiatives from Santa Margherita anything you want to know about their wines, brand or history! 

  • Find out the secrets behind their iconic Pinot Grigio
  • Learn about the grape variety in their delicious Prosecco Superiore
  • Ask Vittorio about the Marzotto family legacy as one of the owners of Santa Margherita

How it Works

On August 17th visit and post your question to the Santa Margherita AMA story. We will publish Vittorio’s answers starting August 20th on our Instagram. It’s that easy! 

Vittorio Marzotto, Vice President Strategic Initiatives at Santa Margherita USA is the fourth generation to work for the family business. Keeping more than 80 years of tradition as a guide while looking to the future, Marzotto introduced innovative projects across the company that reflect his passion for wine and culture.

Get into a conversation with Vittorio with WE Ask Me Anything!

AMA Live Date: 8/17