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AAAV Paths to Success: Wine Brand Builders

Paths to Success is a series of educational events designed to help attract and progress young men and women of color in the wine industry.  



The webinar will feature AAAV members Desiree Noisette (Founder & Vintner, Mermosa), Paula Harrell (Proprietor & Vintner, P. Harrell Wines) and Chrishon Lampley (Founder & CEO, Love Cork Screw) in a discussion of their personal paths to owning and distributing their wine brands. The panel will be moderated by Jean-Charles Boisset, proprietor of Boisset Collection, a family-owned Franco-American collection of more than 28 historical wineries rooted in the world’s most prestigious terroirs.


Why You Should Attend: This is a great opportunity in a time where our nation is striving for equality to highlight African Americans in the wine industry and share their stories. We believe this is part of the conversation that needs to be ongoing.

What Attendees Will Learn: This event will highlight three AAAV members and how their paths, while very different, all led them to owning their own wine brand. Each of the panelists has a uniquely interesting story to tell.

Original Webinar Date/Time: Wednesday, November 17, 2021 @ 3PM EST

Duration: 45 Minute panel followed by a 15 minute Q&A session

Hosted By:

Jean-Charles Boisset
Proprietor, Boisset Collection
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Jean-Charles Boisset was born into the world of wine in the village of Vougeot, Burgundy, France. His lifelong passion for wine began as a child, as he grew up above the cellars and within view of the centuries-old vineyards of Château du Clos de Vougeot, the epicenter and birthplace of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Today, the family collection includes wineries that share more than 20 centuries of combined winemaking heritage and tradition in some of the world’s most prestigious terroirs, from Burgundy to the South of France, to California’s Napa Valley and Russian River Valley.
Jean-Charles leads the family firm with passionate commitment to fine wine, history, quality and a deep respect for the environment. He implemented organic and Biodynamic farming at all of the family’s estate vineyards in Burgundy and California. In addition, he has expanded from the world of wine to include a lifestyle vision; he has created a namesake JCB Jewelry collection, glassware from The Passion Collection created by Jean-Charles Boisset and Baccarat, as well as a selection of candles and lifestyle accessories that exemplify the JCB world of hospitality and entertaining. In 2018 Jean-Charles continued his legacy of pioneering innovations with the introduction of JCB Spirits, luxury vodkas and gin distilled from Burgundy wine made from Pinot Noir and Chardonnay that includes the first-ever caviar-infused and truffle-infused vodkas.


Desiree Noisette
Founder & Vintner, Mermosa
Facebook | Instagram

Desiree Noisette founded Mermosa, Florida’s first Black-owned wine brand, in 2017. With winery operations in Willamette Valley, Oregon and exponential growth landing Mermosa sparkling wines on the shelves of select Walmarts, Sam’s Clubs, Total Wines and other major retailers across the country in less than a year of active distribution, Desiree is currently “in the thick of it.” She manages operations, marketing and distributor relationships—complex functions for which her experience as an attorney, retail boutique owner and fashion designer prepared her. Thanks to mentors in Oregon, Desiree also formulates her wines. When she is not at a festival sharing her family story through her wines, visiting accounts or packing lunch for her two young boys, you can find Desiree at her cousins’ kitchen table researching, documenting and preserving family roots.

Paula Harrell
Proprietor & Vintner, P. Harrell Wines
Facebook | Instagram

Meet Paula J. Harrell – winemaker and San Francisco native. Since 2015, Paula has combined her passions – wine and community – in her private wine label P. Harrell Wines. A lifelong wine enthusiast – well-known for creating her own tableside blends over dinners with family and friends – Paula is the daughter of her Panamanian immigrant mother and Oklahoma-born father who instilled in her a deep appreciation for the importance of entrepreneurship, dedication to family and community, and rich cultural heritage. P. Harrell Wines is a tribute to that legacy. In 2019, Paula was named a Chase Center Taste Maker – offering HAIGHT STREET Dry Riesling to premium ticket holders in the Theater Box bar. P. Harrell Wines are also available in several Oakland and San Francisco restaurants, and HAIGHT STREET Dry Riesling won a Gold Medal in the 2019 San Francisco Chronicle International Wine Competition.

Chrishon Lampley
Founder & CEO, Love Cork Screw
Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Bold, resilient, tenacious, and innovative are a few words to describe highly accomplished entrepreneur Chrishon Lampley. Her road to success has not been an easy one, but to Lampley, success is inspiring at least one person to follow and reach their dreams. She learned early on that in order for her to achieve her dreams, she would have to overcome limitations and challenges. Since then, she has built a successful career and shattered every glass ceiling imaginable.

An experienced negociant, Lampley is a wine enthusiast and the founder of LCS Entertainment, LLC, a licensed wholesaler, importer and certified Minority Business Enterprise that features Love Cork Screw wines. Love Cork Screw is a lifestyle brand that launched six varietals December 2013 in Chicago. Lampley expanded the brand by touching all senses and adding five wine-scented candles to the portfolio in 2014.

A Message from AAAV: It is our goal to pave paths for all Americans of color to successful careers in the wine industry. A number of the founding and current members were not aware this industry was a career option as young people. We hope to create a more diverse canvas of color across all categories of the wine industry.

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