The Major Brands

Manufacturers tend to specialize in one particular style of corkscrew, with some of them venturing into all of the different types on the market. When it comes to the waiter's style corkscrew, Chateau Laguiole is the gold standard. These are all hand made in France and are of the highest quality. Le Creuset, Pulltap and Wine Enthusiast all offer quality versions of this corkscrew as well.
The Rabbit has become synonymous with the lever style corkscrew as Metrokane developed the first one and gave it that name. Screwpull, Le Creuset are also popular brands that produce a lever style corkscrew. When it comes to the Electric Corkscrews the Electric Blue version from Wine Enthusiast is the dominant player. Available in all different colors and different combination packages, they offer something for everyone's needs.

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