Do I Need A Dual Zone Or Single Temperature Zone Wine Fridge?

There is a big misconception in the wine world that white and red wines should be stored at different temperatures. The fact of the matter is that ALL wine (red, white, sparkling, fortified, etc.) should be stored at between 53-57 degrees F. This allows the wine to evolve and age as the winemaker intended, if it is indeed a wine meant for aging. The purpose of a dual, or two temperature, zone unit is to offer an option to keep your whites or possibly your reds at service temperature.

White wines should be served between 45-52 degrees F depending on the variety and reds between 58-65 degrees F. The rule of thumb is the lighter the wine, the colder it should be served and the bigger the wine, the warmer it should be served. So these dual zone units allow you to have a section for white wine service and an additional section you can use for either storage or red wine service. So which style of wine cellar is right for you? It really boils down to this question...are you using your wine cooler for service, storage or both? If it is service or both, then a dual zone unit is right up your alley. But if you plan on using your wine cellar strictly for storage, then the one temp is clearly your best option.