What Are Upright Storage Shelves?

An assortment of our Silent Wine Refrigerators now come standard with Upright Storage Shelving, in addition to standard horizontal storage shelves. This innovative new feature allows you to stand up from 3-9 bottles (depending on the unit) into your wine refrigerator after they have already been opened. Now after you enjoy a glass or two of your favorite bottle and have either properly preserved the bottle or simply put the cork back in, you can stand it up in your wine refrigerator without having to lie the bottle down horizontally ridding the fear of any potential leakage. This shelf allows you to maintain an ideal storage temperature, allowing you to enjoy your wines days later. Upright storage shelving also comes equipped with a section for standard horizontal storage of unopened bottles as well and are available on various Wine Enthusiast Silent Wine Refrigerator models that you can find here.