What's The Difference Between Long Or Short-Term Storage?

Long term storage of wines is typically anything past about 5 years. Less than 5 years is considered short term storage. So if your goal from the start is to age your wine for the long-term, than you probably want to look at an actual wine cellar, such as a Vinotheque or EuroCave. Because they are created to provide the optimal storage climate for proper long term aging, going with even an entry level, smaller wine cellar unit will be a much smarter investment for your future wine collection.

If you tend to just keep a couple of cases of $20-$50 wine and none of it lasts more than a couple of years or so, then one of the Silent Refrigerators, or N'FINITY Wine Cellars are perfect. These units provide both service temperature for white and red wines and an ideal climate for storage up to a few years. However, if you have even a few top quality wines that you are expecting to last for the long haul, you may want to consider going with a wine cellar worthy of your collection.