What's The Difference Between EuroCave Premiere, Pure, Revelation, Royale and Inspiration?

Throughout the world, EuroCave Wine Cellars are recognized as the finest cellars on the market and are referred to as the Gold Standard by industry professionals and collectors alike. EuroCave has been making wine cellars for almost 40 years and in doing so they have designed their cellars not only with the most advanced climate technology, but with a focus on style, design and versatility. Every single EuroCave Wine Cellar offers the optimal environment for long term wine aging and does so by:

  • Utilizing both cooling and heating components to keep a consistent cabinet temperature
  • Maintains/Controls optimal humidity levels
  • Includes a UV Protective Glass Door
  • Eliminating vibration with innovative shelf constructions and compressor padding
  • Outliving any other wine cellar on the market

However, there are various lines of wine cellars within the EuroCave family. Deciding which EuroCave line is right for you and your prized collection can be difficult. So this article will provide some further information on each of the lines to help in selecting the proper unit.


This is the entry level cellar offered by EuroCave--which is still provides a better long term cellaring environment than any other wine cellar brand can offer. It maintains a tight temperature gradient from top to bottom and will maintain proper humidity with the EuroCave air flow system and charcoal filter. It comes equipped with the entry level UV protective glass door but does not have a handle on the glass door options. It does come with the MDS Rolling shelves and an adjustable shelf for bulk storage in the L model.

However, the Premiere does not have the circulation fan in the ceiling of the unit nor the lava rock cassette in the bottom. And while it does have digital controls for the temperature setting and read out, it does not have a hygrometer or the LED amber lights within the control board (there is a detachable LED light that can be utilized on the inset of the door). This means that while the Premiere will maintain proper relative humidity from outside levels, it will not control the humidity as other higher end EuroCave Cellars are able to do.


This line of EuroCave offers a few more integral features that may be necessary when storing and aging those collectible fine wines. The touchscreen control board includes a hygrometer as well as a fully integrated alarm system. So, if the temperature goes too high or low in your cellar, or if the humidity drops below 50%, the control board will flash continuously to let you know. And by adding just a bit of water into the floor of the unit, where the included lava rock cassette will dwell, you can physically raise the humidity level inside the cabinet. Plus, with the circulation fan atop the unit, the humidity and temperature are both more stable and consistent inside the cabinet. The Pure has the same shelving system as the Premiere. However, the control board comes equipped with an LED amber lighting system which offers a beautiful glow to showcase the wines in the cabinet. The increased climate control technology in the Pure makes it the choice of many true wine collectors.


The Revelation takes the Pure up to the next level in luxury and showcase features. The most notable difference is the stunning full cabinet atmospheric lighting that surrounds the inner lining of the cellar. The MDS II Shelves that come standard in the Revelation are equipped with soft close technology and are available either in natural wood or glossy black. Every Revelation is fully shelved with a black metal shelf tag labeling system. Plus, the Revelation comes with a full 5 year parts and labor warranty, while the Pure and Premiere come with a 1 year parts and labor warranty, and 5 years on the compressor only.


If you are a collector who only wants the absolute BEST wine cellar in the world, than the Royale is for you. There are no controls as the unit is automatically set at the perfect temperature and humidity for long term wine storage. Each shelf is equipped with LED lighting and will dramatically display 2 bottles right up front. The door goes from a double glazed to a triple glazed anti UV door. The filter inside the cabinet ensures that the environment is pure and clean. These units are so unique that each one has its own production number. And with a 10 year full service warranty you know that this product is truly one of a kind.


This fully built in line of EuroCave Wine Cellars offers the ultimate combination of modern design and ideal storage conditions. With invisible air vents, sleek and elegant lines, full cabinet lighting and bottle display shelving, the Inspiration becomes the focal point of any kitchen or bar. It also has the same high-end climate control and functionality as the Revelation line of wine cellars offering an ultra-consistent temperature, humidity control and an alarm system connected to all climate functions. With various door styles, including stainless steel and panel ready options, Inspiration is the perfect solution for any true wine collector’s modern kitchen.