Why Would I Use Wine Racks If They Are Not In A Temperature Controlled Wine Cellar? Why Wouldn't I Just Store My Wine In A Wine Refrigerator?

Yes, your wine is always much better off in climate controlled environment whether a true wine cellar or a wine refrigerator. However some people prefer the aesthetics of a beautiful wine rack to help accentuate the beauty of a particular living space in their home then that of a wine refrigerator. Furthermore, aging wine in the proper storage temperature is really only beneficial if you are storing for a few months or more. There are some wine lovers that consume their wine within a short time after purchase, in which case the wine will not spoil as long as the room is at normal living temperature. Almost all wine racks are made so the bottle is laid on its side, keeping the cork moist which is almost as important as proper temperature. However if you want to bring the wine to serving temperature you can simply place in your standard fridge for a short amount of time for reds and a little longer for whites.