Do All Racks Hold All Different Bottle Sizes?

Typically wine racks are meant to hold 750 ML bottles of wine. But in today's market there are various sizes of these bottles that hold the same amount of wine. Think about it... a Champagne bottle and Bordeaux bottle both hold the same 750 ML, but their shapes are quite different. Almost all wine racks will hold standard Bordeaux and Burgundy sized wine bottles without a problem. The basic types of wine racks may not however fit your larger California red wines, the wide Rhone size bottles nor the Champagne bottle. Typically kit component racking will house some of those larger size still wine bottles, but may or may not be able to house the Champagne size (N'FINITY wine racks however will fit up to a Champagne size). And of course a not many of these racks will hold the Magnum size rack in any individual slots, which is why racks are made in the Diamond or Rectangular bin style as they can hold just about any size bottle available. Each rack should state in its description the largest size bottle it can hold, so be sure to check that out before making a decision. And if you are unsure always call a Wine Rack Specialist at 800-356-8466.