Why Wine Needs To Be Stored On Its Side When Aged

Actually, only about 10% of the wine in the world needs to be aged, the rest is meant for immediate consumption. But there is a reason that 10% benefits from being aged properly in the climate controlled environment. The combination of acid, tannin, alcohol and fruit make wine the most intricate and complex of beverages. Many wines are aged in oak which also impart certain characteristics to wine. When aged in the proper climate, these wines gain complexity in terms of aromas, flavors, texture and overall enjoyment like nothing else can. They also gain value as an investment as the wine auction industry is larger than ever. It is important for wine to be laid on its side when at rest for two reasons. The main one is to keep the cork moist thereby preventing oxidation. The other is when the label is facing up you are able to distinguish if sediment is being formed in the bottle before decanting. So whether you are aging your wine, or just enjoying it as is, storing your wines the proper way is the best way to enhance your overall experience.