Styles Of Wine Racks

Wine racks can literally come in all different shapes, sizes and styles. For some, the goal is to keep a few bottles stored at arm's length on their kitchen counter or bar for easy access and for others it is to store their 5,000 bottle collection in a climate controlled wine cellar. For this reason, there are hundreds of different of styles racks that include solutions for both these wine storage needs and everything in between. Table top racks are compact, yet attractive, and usually hold up to a case of wine.

Modular or component racks take things to the next level where you can store multiple cases in one rack, or combine many of these racks together to form a rudimentary wine cellar design. There are also wall hung wine racks that are perfect for those looking to display just a handful of their finest bottles or if you are tight on square footage and don't want to have any racking situated on the ground. Wine jails are just what they sound like the should be, metal racking structures with a door and usually a lock that keep your wines safe in a decorative metal (usually wrought iron) cabinet.

Kit and Custom racking is typically used for those collectors that are creating a climate controlled "true" wine cellar and are looking for a more intricate and possibly showcase racking solution for their home.