Metal And Wood Wine Racks Compared

When it comes to wine, the vehicle in which it is stored doesn't really affect the wine as long as it is laid down horizontally to keep the cork moist (prevents oxidation). Customers are often curious if there is a benefit to wood over metal racking. The answer is a flat out no as it just comes down to personal preference, bottle capacity needs and space constrictions. Metal racks are typically offered in the form of a wine jail or as wall hung display racking, such as the VintageView racks. There is however a basic Black Tie Grid metal rack as well that is a floor rack to be wall mounted and is very cost effective. In general metal racks are mostly used for aesthetic purposes as a display function, particularly in contemporary styled homes, whether on their own or in collaboration with wood racking in a wine cellar. Most of them are fairly easy to assemble, although the wall hung racks require a bit of handiness to install.

Wood racks are available in more options and styles and are the perfect fit for the traditionally decorated home. They are available in sizes that can hold a few bottles to a few hundred and in various wood species. Most of the racks also come in different stain options as to compliment the furniture that already graces your living space. When looking to maximize your capacity for any given space, wood racking is certainly the more efficient choice over metal racking options. Assembly for the smaller, more basic racking is fairly straight forward and can be done by most. However the bigger the rack, particularly in the kit and custom wine cellar categories, the more difficult they will be to assemble, install and brace to the wall which most full size racks will require.